The Art of Simplifying Complexity

In the previous post we looked at how well the beauty and simplicity of the 2nd movement of Beethoven’s 7th Symphony fits in in today’s complex world.

It often strikes me that the most simple parts in music are often the most beautiful and captivating. Simplicity can be hard to achieve, be it a concise note, a spot-on and easy to follow presentation, or a clear business strategy. Especially when the topic is complicated and complex. A simple presentation often requires a lot of effort. Even though some seem to have a natural talent to present complex matters in simple ways, as some of the famous composers had a talent to create the most beautiful music based on simplicity. How can we “compose” things that are simple and to the point in today’s complex landscape? And how pivotal is the “conductor’s” role?

The answer lies in the ability to see the big picture, focus and prioritise. The Board of Directors’ ability to challenge and support the CEO in strategic and commercial discussions (read more about the relationship between the Chair of the Board and the CEO here) and then keep the focus and prioritise the right things, can be instrumental for the company’s ability to grow and achieve its targets. An experienced coach or mentor can play the same role, helping the business owners and company leaders in the professional and personal field. New perspectives and a bird´s eye view can simplify the complexity and keep the focus on what really matters. Then it is about prioritising the essential – that is when the process of simplifying complexity really starts delivering the results. That often comes with a stronger feeling of empowerment and harmony.

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