Who would benefit from having a coach or a mentor?

When going through important phases of their professional or personal life, many leaders feel the need to discuss matters with a coach or a mentor: A professional and trusted partner who understands the business, can challenge you, help you see things from a different perspective, and keep focus on what is important to you. A good coach or a mentor helps you grow personally and professionally.

My approach to coaching and mentoring

I deliver one-to-one coaching and mentoring that is tailored to your needs and designed for rapid value creation. I choose to work with very few clients at a time to make sure I am available and can offer the right level of support and sparring along the way in their complex and demanding roles as leaders or owners. I focus on business coaching and mentoring, offering insights and challenge based on my broad experience and a solid understanding of business. However, my holistic approach and focus on the root cause over “symptom treatment” would often touch upon some areas of private life. This obviously happens on your terms, where you decide on the level of challenge. Where appropriate and desirable, I use my knowledge of NLP techniques to facilitate a rapid, lasting transformation.

What results you can expect

  • Gaining a deeper awareness of your values, what is important to you, and keeping your focus on that
  • Enhancing your performance as a result of desired transformation
  • Getting better at achieving your goals, setting clear targets and using effective techniques to reach them
  • Based on knowledge and insights, learning to establish a healthy balance in your life and keep it over time that will increase the sense of harmony, boost your energy and fuel your power to create and innovate.
Birthe sitter ute i hagen


“After having worked with Birthe over several years, I have experienced valuable contribution and progress in different areas. Her uniqueness lies in a combination of solid expertise and experience from finance and business management, especially from board positions in bigger companies, combined with her experience as a coach, her personal traits, knowledge in psychology and interpersonal relationships.

Birthe sees the bigger picture and offers input from different angles that expands “the room of opportunity”. At the same time she is good in wrapping up the sessions with bringing things down to the specifics that ensures progress with clear priorities and an action plan. As a real estate developer and founder I have had a great benefit from working with her both as a mentor and a coach, and later also through the Advisory Board along with Katrine Trovik.

In addition to professional growth I have also experienced personal growth through her coaching. The life of a founder with highs and lows can be demanding and intense, and personal coaching has been very useful for me to be able to perform well under pressure over a long period of time. Birthe is pleasant to work with, has been flexible and available when I needed it, and has always adapted her delivery to the current need. Based on my experience with Birthe, I would highly recommend Birthe to others.”

Aleksander Meidell-Hagewick

– Aleksander Meidell-Hagewick, CEO and co-founder of Quantik AS (fintech), and real
estate developer

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